Below are a few horse videos filmed and produced by Photography By Shannon. Click the play icon to view each video.

For most buyers seeking to purchase a horse and for most mare owners considering a stallion to breed their mare to, seeing pictures of the horse in question just isn't enough. They want to see VIDEO - and who can blame them? Many buyers now consider sale horses and/or stallions that are out of their local area and don't always have the opportunity to see them in person.

Feeling comfortable about deciding on a horse you have never met is made possible greatly in part to having the ability to view video of the horse. This allows for a greater sense of the horse beyond a photograph - buyers can see the horse's movement, get an idea of their disposition and temperament, and have a greater ability to evaluate the conformation and form-to-function of the horse's build.

Even for buyers who plan to visit a sale horse or stallion in person, the ability to see quality photos and video BEFORE taking their time and spending the money to go see that horse in person are paramount. Take your marketing to the next level by offering potential buyers VIDEO of your sale horse or stallion!


In addition to capturing heirloom images and stunning video of your horses, Photography By Shannon offers both advertising services (layout and design of advertisements for placement in print and online media, stallion cards, business cards, etc. as well as farm websites) and, as MarketYourArabian.com, marketing services (promoting stallions at stud, horses for sale, mares available for breeding lease).


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Technology opens the world of opportunity but removes the hands-on touch that is irreplaceable in the personal world of horses. MarketYourArabian.com bridges that gap for you.

The internet is full of beautiful photos and video, as well as poor quality photos and video - neither one accurately portraying that individual horse. I will not only provide high quality marketing tools for my SELLERS, but I will also personally inspect and spend time with each horse so that I may answer questions for my BUYERS with first-hand knowledge. As someone who has been around and studied Arabian horses all my life and was a breeder for many years, I have an in-depth understanding of their conformation and movement. I will not list horses I do not feel confident in marketing.

All horses marketed/represented by MarketYourArabian.com are photographed and videographed by me (Shannon Edney, PhotographyByShannon.us).


  • WEBSITE LISTING - your horse will be listed on the MarketYourArabian.com website

  • SOCIAL MEDIA PRESENCE - your horse's information will be posted on multiple social media pages

  • MY PERSONAL ATTENTION TO EVERY INQUIRY - I will respond to inquiries and questions from interested parties, giving them detailed and thorough responses. This process allows me to help determine which parties are merely inquiring or are seriously interested in your horse. Once someone is showing genuine interest in moving forward with your horse, I will bring you into the loop so you are able to talk to them directly.

MarketYourArabian.com represents the highest level of integrity, honesty, and professionalism in marketing.

Please visit www.MarketYourArabian.com for additional information.